Monday, July 18, 2011

my mum is so supportive (:

a few months ago i had to force my mum not to buy anymore junk food coz we had tooo much and had to chuck A LOT out since it was really expired, which is a huge waste of food.
but now it's time to stock up (: well i kinda of need to.....

school tomorrow )))):


its a shame how my dance concert is the same day as our family friend's daughter reception. when my mum said the 5th, i thought: 3rd is HSC, which is before my concert and after dress rehearsal and  oh knows, it clashes ))): and its western food..... sad face.

i must must must get to school early tomorrow.
i have only waken before 10:30am 2 times these holidays....i guess i kinda caught up on my sleep....
yay for meeting people (:
well, i think these hols were more productive than last terms....
term 3, my favourite term, same reason as august is my favourite month (:

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