Thursday, June 30, 2011

three =/

i don't get it.

the three store at towers has been taken over by vodafone and there is a "3" sign which is half the sign of the vodafone one. i am eligible to get a new phone except the question is HOW!!!!!?????????

all the caps are vodafone ones, and none are the three ones which means even if i can change phones there,  the phone won't have the awesome three sign on it and the plan might change and have no free news.

yeh i'm really confused.
also, there are more phone choices for my particular cap over the net except i don't get how they work....
so basically, the three store at towers died and i will probs stick with my phone for now until there is a three store where i can go and see what phones they have or wait until next year after HSC...

my mum made chicken and corn soup the aussie way. for once, she actually put cream in it (:
my school skirt has gone short. either i've grown (highly unlikely) or i've gain wait and have become fatter(most likely)
i am going to be eating fatty food tomorrow and the day after. but whatever, it's nice. i should enjoy all the fattiness while i can (:

i can't wait for tomorrow (:

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