Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What the Fudge

Last year and this year, Sydney went crazy with Golden Gaytime everything. From the normal paddle pop to flavoured paddle pop pop up shops (didn't end up going since I was overseas), ice cream in tubs (now with around 4 variations), cornettos, and cafes own creations like milk shakes/freakshakes (have yet to have a big crazy one but it's just so unhealthy I'm just not willing to spend money on that...) Anyways, was in the area so definitely had to try this, being a dessert lover.

Deep Fried Golden Gaytime-~$15

It's actually quite nice with a thin batter coating and golden daytime ice cream inside. There's just way too much chocolate sauce here for me but I did like the crunchy choc balls and some crumbs for texture. It's just probably not worth the price for $15 since you can get like 15 paddle pops with that...


Friend ordered this, it was alright. Can't really go wrong tbh.


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