Friday, April 7, 2017


I know I'm late to the sushi burger party, but better late than never. The first time I came here they were opened for a week, then closed for a day before their grand opening. Just a coincidence I came the only day they were closed...First steps walking in was how similar the menu design is to Shack Shake (in New York but now in a few cities like London and Dubai). It even has frozen custard, which is pretty iconic to Shake Shack (apart from the burger itself).

Gojima Cheeseburger: angus beef, cheese, tomato, pickles, onions, lettuce and special sauce-$12.90
Green tea (brewed genmaicha and matcha) thickshake-$7.90



This lived up to the hype! I was quite surprised at how delicious this rice burger is. The rice crispy on the outside and a bit on the inside, which held up perfectly with the seaweed. The beef was not too fatty and still a bit pink on the inside. Good balance of veggies as well. The sauce was definitely the highlight. Loved that sort of Jap sauce with bits of seaweed and not a salty sort of flavour, but had  Jap twist to it. No idea what base the sauce is made out of, but it was a creamy orange colour. The paper around it was enough to not get your hands dirty at all. I loved how I could eat my burger with one hand and using my other hand for my phone lel. Hands weren't dirty at all, but they do give you a wet wipe as well.

They use their frozen custard in their thick shakes. You can taste the roasted green tea with the matcha. It was a tad bitter and not too sweet, a good balance for a thick shake as most of the time you expect something overly sweet. I thought Shack Shack frozen custard was pretty mindblowing-this denser than ice cream texture but still smooth and creamy, really have to try it since it's hard to describe. I'll probably try their frozen custard next time and a burger with sashimi.

this looks exactly like Shake Shack menu style 

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