Monday, April 24, 2017

12 Spices Lao and Thai Cuisine

Group dinner since most of my uni friends live on this side of Sydney. Most of the popular thai restaurants first open in Western Sydney, so this place has been on my go to list for a while just to compare with the other popular Thai places in Sydney. Just some photos and quick descriptions.

Spring rolls-$8

Didn't really taste that fresh, bur deep fried well and not too oily.

Ox tongue-$15.90

Nice and soft and well seasoned, would recommend.

Satay chicken-$11.80

Decent satay chicken with a nice dipping sauce.


Pad see ew w/ beef-$13.90

Not enough sauce or right proportion of toppings to noodles. Just felt like not enough noodles at all.

Tum Lao salad (medium heat)-$11.90

This was so, so spicy. Only like 2 of my friends could eat it without any problem.

Tum Thai salad (no chilli)-$11.90

Not a big fan of this sour sort of sauce, just a personal preference really. Both salads were really fresh and had a nice crunch from the veggies.

Pad Thai-$13.90

I found this pad thai to be pretty one dimensional. It was just sweet but not really saucy enough or have other flavours to balance just the sweetness. 

Soft shell crab-$21.90

I could actually tolerate the chilliness in this. Not many crab pieces even though it looks like there is.

Green curry-$13.90

This was so spicy but still good with the coconut fragrance and creaminess combined with rice.

Special fried rice-$17.90

It was pretty average fried rice, didn't have many toppings either. Steam and sticky rice were $3 each. Takeaway boxes 30c each.

Watermelon+lychee-$6, green tea, sour sop (custard apple) fruit shakes-$5.50

They randomly gave us a mixed drink even though my friend ordered lychee only and no one ordered a green tea. I started drinking my green tea thinking it was custard apple which it wasn't. Shouldn't have told them when our actual drinks arrived since they probably chucked it out haha. The custard apple had a hint og the fruit, but more on the sweet side. I just normally get a cold drink anyway to help with all the chilliness in the food.

Overall, it's an average thai place, but I think I prefer places like Holy Basil and Green Peppercorn a little bit more.
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  1. Ah I've seen this place! Canley Heights is so good, shame it's such a trek to get there!