Monday, April 3, 2017

Raindrop Cake

Actually posting about today (and not back blogging). Somehow become too busy to finish all my blog posts, was probably too ambitious about blogging about travel. I can understand why people get paid to travel. Trying to find shots from a different perspective + creativity, editing photos or writing blog posts/vlogs. All that takes time while trying to actually enjoy the holidays. Although I have to admit, getting paid to travel or going out to eat and just need to edit or create content seems pretty ideal. If only I was creative... #goals

Finally visited Tracy's foster kitten today and trying her desserts! Love the Japanese sort of flavourings, you get some sweetness but more natural and not just lots of sugar like most Western desserts.

Raindrop Cake w/ kuromitsu and kinako

I think this shot to fame when there was this video on FB about a NYC chef selling them and it tastes like natural spring water. There's a place in Sydney but I wasn't really willing to pay $8 for some water and agar. Pretty sure this taste like the ones they make. Other people have told me the proper one just taste like flavourless jelly. I really like the typical Jap flavours with the jelly (which just taste like water lol).

Mochi Waffles

Didn't even knew these existed (I'm actually quite uncultured in Asian desserts). I like the crispy outside and chewy mochi inside. I feel like I need to buy a packet of kink and bottle of kuromitsu since those flavours really are just made for each other.

so cutee

Also went to the aquarium the other day cause I had a free ticket, or else I would not pay $42 to go in. I've told everyone to not go since it's quite small, not much to see and not a lot of variety of fish. Didn't see many colourful fishes either. The ticket line was super slow even though it's off season afternoon.There were quite a lot of tourists, as expected, since there's nothing to do in Sydney CBD. If I was a tourist in another country, I wouldn't go to an aquarium tbh. It's just fish, and after an hour, they all sorta look the same. Main thing I learnt: conservation. Just don't litter.

The glass wall at the end (less colourful fish these days)

Penguin encounter, you go on a boat for 30secs, and it does a loop in a 6deg room where the penguins roam around.

Touch pool (I used to be scared of touching star fish when I was younger)




These are new since my last visit way over 10 years ago. They eat every 15mins and only eat lettuce, and go through over 100kg each day. They have 12 staff just to feed the 3 dugongs, so I can see where the admission fee is going into.

Love this tunnel, brings back memories

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