Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Worlds 50 Best

Wow, congrats to Dominique Ansel for winning The World's Best Pastry Chef. For those who don't know, he is the inventor of the CRONUT and cornet is actually TRADEMARKED, so everything you see is a FAKE CRONUT. I think I made that clear back in 2014 when I had my first ever cronut in NYC, but never properly blogged about NYC eats. The only other 'cronut' I've had are Donut, trademarked by Zumbo, but the pastry and construction is a bit different. I've never had a fake cronut before, and my second cronut was this year in London.

He has expanded a lot. Back in 2014 there was only one store in NYC. Now there are 2 in NYC, going to be one in LA, one in London and 2 in Japan. All his desserts are tailored to the countries flavours and ingredients. I really want to go Japan just to try his cake in a helium balloon...Most other main desserts I've had in my last 2 visits.

Also congrats to Heston Blumenthal for the Lifetime Achievement Award. I want to go The Fat Duck one day before he retires even if it's over $500pp just for food. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal London also made it to the top 50 at number 36. Yes, ✔ something from the top 50 list, and when I had the lunch menu it was actually affordable for a uni student like me.

Quay came in at 95, so dropped a bit, but it's still worth going just for the snow egg. I would pay for another $200+ degustation to have the snow egg again.

Attica still remains top for Aus at number 32, which is on my list to go.

I'm not at that stage in life where I would go fine dining overseas (apart from Dinner in London). As in, not willing to spend over $200pp on the top restaurants in Europe. I When I graduate and get a proper job yes, but $200 can pretty much fund a few days of cheap but delicious eats when you're on a 'budget' holiday. Although when and if I do go to NYC, there's no doubt I'll be making a booking to Eleven Madison Park. I wanted to go in 2014, but no way can a family of 4 afford a dinner there, or was I willing to pay for myself...Right now, I super fine dining place per year is enough splurge for me, in between the other fine dining, dinners, cafes etc etc.

Spain has 3 in the top 10 this year, which is pretty normal. I perceive Spain has a relatively 'cheaper' country in Europe, so if I ever visit Spain, hopefully I'll try at least one of the top restaurants...Same with HK, but with the weak exchange, HK isn't cheap...

Too bad this 'Food Oscars' only exclusive to the chefs + journalists. Pretty sure if you're a food blogger you wouldn't be invited, only if you're a paid journalists for the top newspapers in Aus/food critics. Or the other way is to probably marry one of the top chefs lel. I wonder how you get to be on the panel and travel the world eating the best food. That would be a dream job, then again, I'll probably regret eating all that food when I'm too old to exercise...All things in moderation.

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  1. Wow, I didn't realise that Spain was so prominent in the fine dining arena?