Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ben and Jerry's Day

Missed out on Ben and Jerry's Day last year so made sure I got some this year. The scoops are smaller than back in first year, but I actually prefer a bit smaller since you won't fill up too easily and still can try other flavours. The line looked long but moved surprisingly quickly, around 13min each time. By the time you finish your ice cream, you really end up waiting 5min for the next one. The line did double in size from 5-6pm at Broadway...I remember the lines used to take 30mins. Back then I had no money at all so wouldn't mind waiting (jokes, I don't mind waiting for free food, longest has been 1.5 hours...) They rotate with 4 people scooping, averaging 5 cones per minute. They do swap people frequently, I guess they want people to scoop fast so maximising the efficiency of their staff.

When I first heard about Ben and Jerry's, I was amazed at the flavours. That was before I went to places in Sydney and overseas and discovering new stuff, since it was back in those high school days...Nowadays, I appreciate the quality of their ingredients, but too much chocolate/fudge inside is just a bit too much for me. I have a sweet tooth but not a chocolate fan, and most of their flavours are chocolate based...Also, they're $12 for a small tub compared to America which is $5 and have like 10 times the amount of flavours you find in Woolies. I'm not complaining about free food, and I'm surprised they can keep up giving free ice cream world wide every year.

Coconut Seven Layer Bar

They ran out of Bourbon Brown Butter so I decided to start with something light. This actually wasn't too sweet, just a lot of coconut flavour. It was a small scoop, so I didn't really get chocolate chunks/walnets/butterscotch which would make it really sweet.

Tubby Hubby

It's a new flavour with a peanut butter ice cream. I didn't get much pretzel in it and the fudge was way too rich. 

Berry Berry Extraordinary

The flavour card said they wouldn't have this in Hoyts, but yay they did. A nice sweet and refreshing berry sorbet. It is more sweet with the blueberries and not much acidity from the raspberries. Opted for a cup since too many carbs from waffle cone lel (that logic..). Scoop was smaller though but I didn't mind, since I'm just here to try more flavours.

The Tonight Dough

I wanted to try all the flavours available exclusively at the Scoop Shops rather than in Woolies, but I also wanted something with cookie dough. Chocolate chip cookie dough remains my all time favourite. I quite liked the peanut butter and choc chip cookie dough changes. It was a combo of flavours, but wasn't as sweet as Tubby Hubby. I think it depends what you get in that small scoop...

Flavour card-descriptions

Four ice creams later, I headed straight to dinner plus more dessert. If I didn't have plans, I think I would be able to have at least 2 more scoops...

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  1. I've had the berry one before! It's a good cleanser, nice and refreshing.