Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cafe Kentaro

No wonder why this menu and name sounds so familiar, until a friend pointed it out to me. Kentaro and Oratnek spelled backwards, but Kentaro is originally the chef behind the cafe. So Cafe Kentaro is a sister sort of cafe to the original Cafe Oratnek. Both menus seemed prettied similar, and since we both had the katsu sandwich and the french toast, we decided to go with something different. The decor is similar but has less seating in this cafe. Although I feel that going to this one in Surry Hills is easier compared to Redfern. Thanks Tracy for the shout :)

food spread

Hojicha: latte-$4.20 and thick shake-$7

The latte could have had a more roasted flavour, but I still quite liked the bitterness from the green tea. First time hearing of a hojicha this shake. It had a nice sweetness to it, whilst still being able to taste the roasted green tea.

Omurice: tomato friend rice, peas, bacon, cheese, egg wrapped omelette-$18


After seeing so many people's photos of omurice from Japan, I kind of had a mini craving. The egg was super thin (which I'm assuming it's meant to be, since I don't think I've had omurice in Jap before). I'm not a fan of tomato fried rice, but I liked this one sine the flavour was more sweet than the acidic tomatoes. The bacon was more a thick cut, would have liked more. I quite liked this dish overall as it wasn't too salty but the flavours came through.

Japanese Poutine: pulled beef, dark miso gravy, shallots, goats cheese, chips-$15

This sounded interesting on paper, but unfortunately the chips didn't have the right texture, which is pretty much the whole dish. They were a bit on the soggy side even when they first came out, and looked like they had heaps of potato inside but didn't. The pulled beef had that nice miso flavour, but I think more sauce would have helped since not all chips managed to get the gravy. Goats cheese added a lovely creaminess to eat. The chips were surprisingly filling.

cake, too full to try any...



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  1. You're welcome!

    And I'm the opposite, I hate fried rice but tomato fried rice (omurice) is a massive yes please for me

  2. I want to check out more Japanese cafes in Sydney!