Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chef's Palette

Meeting my friend's kitten plus an overdue catch up at Chef's Palette. It's a bit dim inside with random spotlights here and there (which causes too many shadows). The staff are super friendly which is always a plus. You go up to order at the counter then they bring the food to you rather than the normal table service. I feel like the main problem with those cafes who do things this way is that if both of you go up to order, what if someone else comes in and sits at your table while they're looking at the menu and take your table? You don't want to leave your belongings behind, and if it was a busy day, that meant you ordered food and other people will come to take your table then you're left with no seat...Anyway, onto the food.

food spread


Coffee was more towards the bitter side which I don't mind as long as it's not burnt. Milk was frothed well and smooth.

Baked egg: chorizo, tomato, grilled capsicum, jalepeno, garlic, onion, eggs, rocket, parmesan cheese, sourdough-$16


I wouldn't call this a baked eggs because the eggs were poached not baked, and the sauce was served in a bowl rather than a mini baking dish like normal baked eggs. The egg was poached beautifully, but I have a feeling they might have those eggs machines since all the poached eggs had almost the same shape and roundness. Would have liked more bread to soak up that yolk rather than it running in the sauce.  More rocket would've been nice since it was too tomatoey and needed something light, and more chorizo since there wasn't much. The dish did have a good kick to it (guys, I'm ever so slowly appreciating chilli in food). The dish did get quite salty towards the end and very tomatoey since there wasn't enough bread to sauce proportion.

Chef's Plate-$18

We were both so full, but keen to try a cake next time


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  1. I didn't realise this was in Strathfield! I'd like to go sometime. And your yolk pictures <3