Friday, April 28, 2017


What a week it has been. From cruise, to an Indian dance concert to a super quick yet fun trip to Bathurst (more to come, if only my photos would upload), and going to a place to eat which has been on my list to eat since first year. I used to have a physical list of places I write down and want to eat before I graduate, since who knows if I'll still be in Sydney where all these cafe places will be super hard to come to and make time for. Now it's just a mental list since all the food places to try are literally never ending.

The thing which made my day today was free pearl milk tea. There's a new asian grocery store opening at my local shops. I think the stuff is generally a bit more expensive but I guess you save petrol rather than going Eastwood and fighting all the asians for parking, or driving to Carlo or Chatswood since petrol ain't cheap these days. It's quite limited since it only stocks snacks atm, but they have milk tea which I guess is different since no one has that here at the shops. I asked them how much it was, and they said it was freeee. First day opening, and i guess it's their 'soft opening'. They sold out before 4pm, so was trialling the new machine for about 2 hours. I think the girl who made it works at the Oliver Brown opposite, since I generally remember if people if they give me discounts on coffee or tell me off for getting my card stamped when I got a discount. Not my problem the staff stamped my card...Maybe the owner was too rich and decide to invest in an asian grocery store. I think it would become quite popular.

Anyways, it wasn't actually that sweet which is good, just a bit too much ice. I haven't had Cha time/share tea/easy way for years since I can't deal with all the sugar syrups they use. I have a sweet tooth for desserts, but that sweet is incorporated with other stuff like acidity, creaminess, tartness etc, so it's actually not that sweet in the end.

What did't make my day was finding out I didn't get paid for 2 days when I helped at another store.

Can't believe it's taken me 2 months to be able to hold a plank for 1 minute. I used to do that every week and hold for over a minute back in the dance days (i.e. before 3rd yr). In two years, it's so easy to lose all my muscles. I don't know if it's the placebo effect, but maybe 'core stability' leggings really do work.

It's also taken me over 2 weeks to finally upload all my Europe photos to FB. It's actually very, very time consuming, going through photos on my camera and phone, manually writing down the file numbers of which ones I want to upload without overly spamming everyone with one photo of everything. Then organising them since I take photos on both cameras but not necessarily of the same thing or same time, and then writing captions. I think after this time I ceebs uploading, or just upload photos straight from phone rather phone, laptop, FB. It's been using up so much time I haven't even started typing stuff or finding readings for research. Haven't even had time to finish reading a book or tidying up my desk.

Zumbo announced he has a new app coming. There better be freebies or some sort of discount for his cakes which have definitely gone up in price and shrunk in size, or else I'm not playing. It's like I didn't bother with the Donut King app since I'm not a big fan of those deep fried unhealthy things. I would rather eat unhealthy junk food like cake and ice cream than cheap donuts (they're actually not that cheap these days though).

It's strange how I'm actually pretty preoccupied these days. I guess that should be a good thing. It's taken 4 months to actually get over it, and around 5 months to just tell people without getting the feeling of judgement. Obviously other people who go uni still judge silently, I guess that's why I have become a lot more anti social to still avoid all the lengthy explanations, like if I was to join a Bible study group or something and all those awkward conversations. 100% my social interactions have declined, or the word opposite to exponential...

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