Sunday, April 9, 2017

Supercow's Dessert Farm

This place is good especially for post-theatre desserts or late night sweet cravings. I think the 'stir-fried' ice cream phase has finally died down in Sydney (we were quite a few years late to begin with), but this place adds theatrics even in a super simple dessert place by using liquid nitrogen.

Frozen berry yoghurt-$8

They gave us extra nitrogen so we could have more smoke for our photos 😂 Thanks for more photo ops haha

We didn't want anything too sweet, so this was a good choice since it was more sour than sweet. Sourness from the frozen yogurt and acidity from the berries. Since this was a frozen yogurt rather than milk based ice cream, the texture wasn't soft and hard to dig your spoon into it, which was expected.

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  1. I always go for berry flavours, so refreshing :)