Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

So far, getting a Fit Bit does force me to walk a bit more if I'm out. If I'm at home, then it's impossible to get to 10 000 steps. Even when I'm out, it takes over an hour for me to walk ~7.5km to get to 10k. Maybe I walk slow...I go over this bridge everyday to get into the city #hillslyf. Today I decide it was finally time I walked over our very own Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was actually harder than I thought trying to find the entrance stairway leading up to the walk from the city. Don't walk through the Rocks like I did...on the other end at Milsons Point it's pretty simple to find the stairs. I've walked across many bridges in almost every city I visit, from Brooklyn Bridge in NYC (that was too long to walk across since to get  onto the bridge it was 2x the length of Sydney), London and Tower Bridge, Helix Bridge in Singapore to name a few. Took under 30mins to walk in heeled boots plus taking photos, and you can definitely tell from photos, Harbour bridge is a lot shorter than bridges in America.

It's also one of the safest bridge imo. 3 security on the bridge, a million security cameras, barbed wired fences, and lots of metal barriers from you and the cars, which would have helped in that unfortunate London Bridge accident. They blocked off the other walkway so you can only walk on this side of the bridge. One day, I'll walk over the bridge...

If I was a tourist in another city, I wouldn't think twice about paying exuberant prices for this sort of stuff, but in my own city, I'm a lot more reluctant and can wait for an occasion to climb the bridge. There's also a look out at one of the towers which cost $15, not worth imo. In cities like Paris where climbing a tower also costs around $15 after conversion, they offer it within their city pass for tourist attractions so more affordable. I feel like in Sydney, they only have tourist attractions for the aquarium/other attractions in Darling Harbour.


walked here for an event

Didn't realise people actually go to Luna Park. I guess it's school holidays...Yay for finally doing a post on the day.

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  1. Sydney is actually so wonderful and beautiful on a sunny day!