Sunday, April 16, 2017

Top Impression Bakery

Making the most of going to food places when dropping relatives off at the airport. The prices of the croissants have gone up since I heard about this bakery with injected croissants.

From memory-Matcha croissant $4.50, matcha latte-$4.50



It's not a buttery or flaky sort of croissant. The pastry is less flavourful which gives way for the green tea cream, The inside had the right amount of sweetness and matcha in it. I wouldn't say it's mind blowing. Found it pretty average since the pastry top was sort of hard compared to normal croissants and didn't have the nice lamination. Matcha latte was definitely the bitter kind, which helped to balance the cream inside the croissant.

Got some other bread for ~$2-3

I found their Asian breads were quite good quality compared to your typical Asian bakery, more value for money. It was a bit heavier/dense yet not so lightweight that you feel like you pay $3 for air at cheaper Asian bread stores.


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  1. I've been looking to try a matcha latte, particularly a more bitter kind. I might go here!