Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fitbit Alta HR

Woke up too late on Good Friday to go to the Easter service ): We do have an evangelistic Good Sunday service tomorrow, so that'll be interesting.

I found Easter is so, so commercialised these days. FYI we still haven't touched our Xmas chocolates from last year (and also American lollies from 2014 oops), so glad no one gifted us an Easter chocolates. That stuff is actually pretty expensive, just because it's shaped like an Easter egg.

I'm not a big fan of hot cross buns, but after the Choice reviews, I do agree Coles is the best value for money. Woolies cost 50c extra for a pack, and isn't as soft. Baker's delight Apple and Cinnamon I found was more ready/doughy yet soft at the same time, so better quality dough. Didn't find much apple in it but it wasn't as sweet.

I didn't end up getting rostered onto any of the Easter shifts, which is quite unfortunate, but I ended up going to the shops. If you asked me last year if I would do any exercise like cardio, I would always say I don't have time/ceebs, except swimming is an exception. I ended up impulse buying a Fitbit Alta HR today, didn't even realise it was released just over 2 weeks ago. I always thought these things were gimmicky and wearable electronics are pointless, and they kind of are. They are sort of more of a 'girls' gadget, but I love how slim it is and does the basics.

I thought I would be ok since I upgraded to an iPhone 7 last yr with an inbuilt pedometer, but recently I found especially when you're exercising, you can't really run holding your I was thinking maybe of purchasing a fit bit but then I wouldn't be able to wear my watches (I have to admit, I do have a pretty extensive watch collection, just like my sunglasses collection which is ever expanding...), but apparently some people wear I might end up like those people lol.

First impressions it's pretty neat with the heart rate and sleep tracker (which I have yet to use)/ I've actually started watching more Youtube videos since I've never watch Youtube until this year. Seeing people vlog/do reviews is actually quite useful. I don't think I'm the type to do lifestyle reviews, since I don't spend that much to do that sort of stuff. Maybe if I really like it or hate it, you'll hear about it from me. If not, that means I'm alright with it.

I quite like the HR rather than the normal Alta since that snap on band was really hard to put on, unlike the normal watch band in the newer HR. I think that was a make or break for me. Also because they had a sale on only for today ended up impulse buying.

It also breaks my heart that I ended up exchanging some tights which were almost 3 figures. Apart from school blazers and formal dresses, all my clothes (from memory) are less than $100, or they were discounted down to under $100. I don't mind spend 3 figures on handbags (and one day 4 figures maybe when I graduate) and sunnies I'm used to higher prices, but tights which cost that much is sort of a different story...then again I do like them and they are relatively good quality, so a bitter sweet moment. I do feel like cost price would be around a fifth of retail price...And so this week I have purchased over priced gym clothes...

You can judge, but I just want to be stronger so I can lift my 20+kg luggage easily next time I go on holidays especially when catching public transport, and when I go back to Paris again, I can lift it up 3 flights of stairs in an apartment without struggling too much...

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  1. Oh interesting! Maybe I should do something with my iPhone to do a health monitor.