Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Doux Amour

Cutest chox pastry ever! Despite the increased prices, when we went 1.5hrs after opening, 2 flavours already sold out. By the time we left half an hour later, they sold out for the day, so be sure to get in quick! Next time we know to pre-order, so we can get all the flavours in one go. Choux pastry isn't a new concept, but when you match flavours with super cute animal designs, it turns into a new craze.

sooo cute!

The choux is quite thin, airy and light, and perfectly baked. They're not really that sweet, and all filled with a light flavoured cream. It's a lot smaller in real life and cost $7.40 each (not $5.50 which was the price the last time I checked). I guess you pay for the time to make them, and the really creative designs. Still worth my money.


Taro flavour was there, would have liked a bit more though. The fondant is kinda cute for the 8 legs.

Frog-green tea

I think this flavour was the subtlest, and I like my green tea flavoured stuff strong, so thought this was lacking in flavour.


Didn't try this one, but according to my friend, it was a perfect hint and balance of Nutella, without being too sweet or overpowering. 

Penguin-black sesame

Who doesn't love an additional macaron shell? The fondant for the face makes it cute, but if you have it by yourself, it will dominate the whole dessert with sugar. This black sesame cream was my favourite though as you do get the hit of black sesame.

'instagram wall'

cute lights/decor

almost sold out when we got there...

I do recommend to come try this out, but make sure to get in early! Hope to try the rose and lychee pig and chai tiger next time.

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  1. These are so so adorable! I linked this post to my sister because cute. And also green tea frog! Has Happy Apple written all over it.