Wednesday, August 10, 2016

this sem for all 3 groups at uni, meal times have been quite ridiculous. yday we had 9-3pm straight with no break. 9-1 clinic so can't eat, and 1-3 prac where there was heaps to do and didn't finish in time, let alone eat during the prac. having brekkie at 6.30am until 3pm with no food just a sip of water in between isn't good. luckily the lecturers talked to each other, so next time we'll get a 20min lunch break. the group on mondays has 9am-9pm with only one hour break at 1. that's going to be me later this sem =/ and there's a group today was has 3-9pm as well. are they trying to encourage us to skip lunch/dinner? timings weren't as bad last sem. i just know skipping meals ain't good.

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  1. This is crazy. How the heck do people survive optom?