Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hot Pot-Home Style

I didn't even know we had an electric stove until I asked my mum if we could have hot pot at home. The last time we had hot pot, we had a gas hot pot stove thing we broke, so we ended up just cooking everything with our normal gas stove top.

hot pot ft 14 plates!

Making the most with this last winter weekend eating :) We had heaps of food, I guess less variety compared to all you can eat hot pots, but better quality. Like dumplings $20 for 30 ain't cheap...Currently in a food coma...

Don't think I posted these before, but here are some pics of burgers. I took my fam out to try Bar Luca, and my bro really loved their signature Blame Canada. Reviewed it on Tomato, so ceebs reviewing here...

Blame Canada

Trump Tower (special): 2 beef, bacon, 4 cheese, deep fried onion bits, 2 hash browns, sauce (shared this on between a few of us...)

Yes, so much for dieting...

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  1. I've heard great things about Blame Canada!

    Also, I love that you cooked enoki mushrooms - my favourite hotpot ingredient :)