Friday, August 5, 2016

Zumbo Take 10+

Every season or couple of months, Zumbo changes his cake and dessert range, and I try to get a few cakes each time. Another place I frequently come to for cakes and an exception to my 'no repeating places until I've completed (never-ending) my list to eat.'

Hello Taro: purple taro chiffon sponge, coconut and tapioca gel, cream cheese mousse, honey and coconut jelly-$9.50
Dr Apple and Nurse Pear: layers of pistachio dacquoise, apple and pear jelly, apple and pear milk curd, caramelised apples and pears, apple and pear mousse, apple and pear glacage-$9.50

I found the taro one to actually be sweeter. Was expecting more taro in it, and I thought there was a bit too much cream and white choc cheese mousse in comparison the the sponge. Luckily the white choc wasn't super sweet. Loved the tapioca gel and coconut jelly in it to give some texture.

The apple and pear one tasted similar to a cake from around 1-2 years ago 'Apple Maple Cheesecake.' The apple and pear balanced well, and loved the attention to detail with the gradient green white choc discs on the outside. Also would have liked more dacquoise in it and couldn't really taste the milk curd, but the acidity was there from the green apple with peer jelly.

Hazelnut Forest: hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut crunch, cherry jam, milk curd, hazelnut mousse, hazelnut praline spray


layers on point

Super good cake choice and flavour from a friend to another friend. You would think hazelnut is really decadent and overpowering, but this cake was far from sweet and rich. There was a good amount of dacquoise balanced with a crunchy element of hazelnut on the bottom (slightly hard to cut into). The sourness from the cherry jam and milk curd made the mousse even less sweet but brought out the hazelnut flavour. Love those random twig chocolate detail on top, with some more cherry jelly and hazelnut.

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  1. I still have not yet tried anything Zumbo. I am glad you made Zumbo an exception for repeatable places :)