Monday, August 8, 2016

Family is when everyone sticks together and waits 3 hours for a restaurant with you. i don't think i can ever eat in the city on a Saturday night without making a booking. you know places are good when they are all full, or only accept bookings of 6 or more. too bad i don't have enough friends.

family is also waiting in the NYC winter cold for almost 2 hours just to have an authentic Dominique Ansel Cronut (insert trademark). i think his team has grown, so they make more each day and don't run out as early. also with that being said, i don't think i can wait in sub zero temps again for a cronut, maybe/hopefully if i visit there in warmer seasons.

Friends are amazing, but everyone's patience is limited (most is 2 hours). the being said, i'm never waiting 3 hours for a restaurant again.

work organised a dinner/drink night event at uni today. food was relatively ok since it was at one of the better places on campus. highlight was winning a movie ticket. not quite as cool as those double passes a team won on a Medicare quiz today, but better than nothing.

actually haven't had time to follow the Olympics. haven't done any work since Saturday morning =/

also made a creme brûlée panna cotta using Reynold's recipe on T2. don't think i simmered it enough to bring out the tea leaves wasted a bit of the tea leaves, but oh well.

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  1. I saw Reynold's recipe on the T2 website! It made me happy to see such a pairing - Reynold and T2!

    Also, family <3 Your post reminded me of what a blessing they are!