Sunday, August 7, 2016

Zero Degrees

I came here truly for the novelty of it-ice cream on a fish! I heard it doesn't taste that great so I wasn't expecting much apart from of fish shaped waffle.

Puffer fish: vanilla and taro, fruit stick, red bean (inside)-$6.50

The ice cream is quite icy, more like a sorbet but not quite (go upstairs for creamy ice cream. Even maccas is creamier). I prefer creamy soft serves over icy ones. It started to melt quite fast as well on a cold winter's day, dripping on the side which made it messy to eat. Pretty much have to eat fast without it going on your hands. The flavour was just sweet, like vanilla essence more than vanilla, and taro wasn't really strong in taro flavour, just more sweet with a hint of taro. I do have to give credit for a decent serving size of ice cream, a lot bigger than other soft serve competitors. 

Going down the escalators, you could see the pre-made fish waffles, so they weren't made to order and not fresh. The waffle didn't have the crunch on the outside or soft-warm fluffy inside. It was a bit dense and bready (but not too thick) which doesn't taste the best and reminded me of pancake batter, but I guess it does it's job to hold up the ice cream and try to soak whatever is dripping. The fruit stick is cute but doesn't do much. Luckily the red beans at the bottom wasn't the really sweet type. 

Don't expect much from here, except for a cute ice cream on puffer fish waffle photo.

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  1. Whenever I pass there, they don't seem to have much business but you are right, they do give a lot of ice cream! The red bean sounds like a nice surprise.