Sunday, August 14, 2016

'I'm Feeling 22'

Soundtrack for this year.

I think after you turn 21, you generally don't tell people your age because you don't want people to know how old you are (well apart form 22 because of Tay Tay). No money for a party this year after going all out last year for my 21st. For once in my life (well from what I can remember since I was a baby), I didn't have a proper cake, and didn't blow out 22 candles. Basically because I spent all my 'cake money' on a 2 tier cake last year and another Zumbo cake, and yesterday went fine dining at Sepia (and over spent...), and last week went out for dinner as a fam plus dessert at the Opera House. Pretty much all that cost a loooot more than a $50 cake (normally that's my budget for a decent cake, and I don't like Asian cakes). Food posts to come haha. Didn't do any work this whole weekend, so yolo... 

Was planning to get a small cake from Balck Star, but they sold out of the Raspberry Lychee, and most other cakes there. Headed to Zumbo, but the line was way too long, and mostly chocolate cakes left (already had heaps of chocolate earlier), and couldn't be bothered waiting for Jap cheesecake. The city is filled with sooo many tourists on the weekend, it's quite crazy, kind of feels like Asia. It's a lot more orderly during business days...

Walked past the small Paticceria Papa, which I've always wanted to try, but their stores are too far away. A slice is $6 and a whole cake is $53, a slice is more than enough since we were still in a food coma. Decided to get Doughnut Time as well, since it was a fresh batch, just delivered from their van. Apparently they get new deliveries every 3 hours...Was planning to stick 22 candles, but then ceebs, probs destroy the donuts and 'glaze' them with a layer of wax...Donuts are $6 now ): They were $5 back in April...Probs realised they could earn more due to the demand. There is almost always a line whenever I walk past the QVB or Top Shop or World Square shops.

It's a ricotta cheesecake, which is lighter and fluffier than normal baked cheesecake, but has a sort of denseness when you swallow it. The short pastry is kind of cake like, and super soft. Loved the dusting of cinnamon on top, and icing sugar helped balance the cheesiness.

Sia Later (Vegan): Red Velvet doughnut with vegan butter cream frosting and freeze-dried raspberries

Creme de le Creme: Creme Brulee custard-filled and topped with toffee

Still haven't had their signature Nutella one, but not a choc fan, so that can wait. The red velvet wasn't red velvety enough. I prefer normal creme cheese rather than the vegan version. It's lighter, but more crumbly and not as smooth, obviously not as buttery, and you can taste too much of the sugar granules for my liking. Freeze dried raspberries were a lovely acidic addition, but the big pieces soaked up some moisture so didn't get that crunch.

The creme one was actually not that sweet like the girl serving me said. Loved that custard inside with real vanilla beans (I used to love Woolies profiteroles as a kid, and ate them because of the custard inside, rather than the choux pastry/chocolate on top). Probably a bit too much custard in proportion to the donut if I was to have the whole thing, and that would probs be too sweet in one serving. I just had a section and that was fine. The toffee on top gave a lovely bitterness to help balance the sweetness.

Manager came today and gave me coffee and cake! Yay, how thoughtful. I love my cakes, but it's always the thought that counts.

It was an apple sort of chocolate cake, but the apple gel-ish thing on top wasn't that strong in flavour. The chocolate cake was a bit dense, kind of mud cake but not quite, and rich in flavour. Loved the gold on the side (although it's not my fav gold foil). It's surprisingly pretty for Oliver Brown I guess. Ended up sharing this with the fam. Our neighbours also gave us some home made snow/ice mooncakes! The dough encasing them were super soft unlike the ones you find in freezers. 

Yay, lovely weekend filled with good food and spending time with family. Let's hope I have a productive week of actually doing work and study, rather than just eating

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  1. That ricotta cheesecake looks delightful :) I hope you made a weekend of lovely memories!