Friday, August 12, 2016

Mr Wong

This place has been on my list to eat for over 3 years, so finally decided to come here for a dinner. Just a tip, don't bother turning up on a Saturday without a booking of 6 or more. Either get there when they open at 5.30pm or come back at 10pm. We got there at 7pm and I was expecting a 2hr wast since weekdays some people wait that long, but Saturdays are on a completely different level wait times where they cut off the waiting list. After some persistence, they put us on the waiting list, so we did end up waiting almost 3 hours. Last orders are at 11.30pm (just might run out of some stuff). I'm pretty good at waiting for food, but 3 hours never again...Luckily the food was worth the hype and wait.

There were still heaps of people coming to eat at 10pm (probably for a 2nd dinner like us, or 'Siu Yeh' (canto for supper/night time snack). We rarely eat Cantonese food out, since we get heaps of that stuff in HK when we go back to visit relatives, but I have to say, this place is probably offers one of the best contemporary Cantonese food. Although the wait was long, the food all came within 20mins and service was attentive.

Steamed dim sum platter (8 pieces). A selection of today’s specialties-$32

Yes, it is expensive at $4 for one, but I've missed juicy, plump prawns in dim sums. There are hardly any good yum cha places in Sydney. We had har ago, pork and prawn shumai, some spinach with prawns, and the colourful one had this really tender beef inside, a bit sweet and sour, which was are favourite one.

Chinese roasted duck (whole) with plum sauce-$60

Every birthday, it's kind of 'tradition' that we buy a roast duck from those Asian butchers for my birthday dinner at home. Well, this is my 'birthday' duck, and it was so good! It's bigger than those takeaway roast ducks with more meat and less fat. It's less artificially flavour/saltiness compared to the typical ones, rather this one has let's the duck flavour come through, with a really honey-like plum sauce rather than water sweet chilli plum sauce. The soy sauce for the base wasn't too salty either. We were all pleased with the quality of the duck for this price. (I think takeaway roast ducks are about $40 for one, but not as meaty).

King crab fried rice "typhoon shelter style" with garlic and chilli (large)-$30

What's a Chinese dinner without fried rice? It was fried really well, like the traditional way where the rice is a lot more 'dry' and less 'squishy' compared to other fried rice, but it was still moist at the same time (go figure). There wasn't a lot of oil or overly seasoned with salt either. We opted for minimal chilli which was perfect for us as we still enjoyed the mild chilli kick. Would have like more crab in this to boost the flavour. Loved the bits of fried garlic in it.

Sweet and sour crispy pork hock-$28

It looks quite small in a bowl with only 8-9 pieces, but first time having something like this, and it was interesting. Crispy outside marinated with a good balance of sweet and sour (and not really chilli despite looking the chillis being visible), and inside was super tender and moist. 

Dinghy Lake: Mr Wong's iconic lychee sorbet rolled together with Plymouth gin, fresh lemon juice, blue curacao & a drop of rose water, garnished with a rose petal-$17

Yum, can I just eat the lychee sorbet by itself? This drink is worth trying, not too sweet either.

Mango pudding with coconut tapioca, lychee granita and mango pearls-$16

My brother hates mangoes, but this was the first time he actually ate something mango! The real surprise was the granita which was like a flavour bomb of lychee fruit rather than lychee syrup which is too sweet. Pudding had a good a amount of flavour, less dense compared to normal mango puddings, so more like jelly. The tapioca could have had more coconut flavour, The mango pearls had a slightly acidic flavour and really bursted with refreshing juice.

cute elevator


dim sum station

stir fried side

pastry (dessert) kitchen


Hope to come again to try the dim sum lunch menu, or more of the dinner menu with 5 other people so I can make a booking rather than wait.

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  1. $60 for a duck is actually not bad - at the cheaper Asian places it's like $50 for the peking duck pancake service but at Mr Wong's it'd be much higher quality!