Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Finally sunny after my fifth and last visit to Stewart House at Curl Curl! Every time I come here it's always windy, rainy or cloudy.

Didn't end up walking on the many people surfing during the day, you really do wonder if they even work, or are just born rich because of their parents (since anyone here imo is rich if they can afford beach front property...)

Cappuccino (regular)-$3.70

I find that places above the Habour Bridge at cafes cost over the standard $3.50. Coffee here wasn't that great, kind of luke warm, and not enough frothed milk and foam. I guess you're paying for the view. I just really needed my coffee this morning since so sleep deprived...


Outside on the top deck on the ferry ride back to the city. No crazy waves/splashes like last time when it was about to storm.

Sydney Skyline

Sydney ain't so bad. Although it's not as impressive as the skyscrapers in NYC, Sydney is still beautiful in its own way.

why go on a fancy cruise when you can go on a cheap ferry?

Ended up not going to uni even though I could've made it on time. Finally bought a new pencil case for a super good price, and more window shopping. So many coats on sale, but even though some are over 70% off, if it's not a particular one I'm looking for, that $50 is still wasted...Have so many clothes I have yet to wear, and winter is almost over...Not looking forward to the heat.