Thursday, August 25, 2016

That's already the end of rotation 2 today. The number of patients I've seen the whole year all together, is around the same number as other people in just one rotation....and we move to Monday and Wed clinics, and I bet the px number will drop, since we're the group with bad luck...Still have yet to see any pathology in clinic this year, and I bet I'm going to see some hard to manage cases once 3rd rotation hits, and it's worth 70%...Seeing kids this rotation was pretty fun though, takes away more than half the stress of clinic, and they're so cute as well.

free food from Asos

Not really worth 30min wait, but I wasn't planning to study in my break today, even though I should...

Uni Meatbox

First time trying a meatbox from uni today, since I know I wouldn't be able to finish one myself. It's not bad, and quite a lot of meat. It had a good chilli hit, I still haven't had a proper HSP since I'm too scared it'll be too chilli, and chips are not good for the skin...I also can't deal with the amount of sodium in it...added salt/chicken salt, plus salt in the meats and 3 different types of sauces...I have a sweet tooth so too much salt and I'm crying out for water. It's nice in small quantities

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