Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Night Catchups

All I ate was carbs today =/ I think if people present themselves nicely, and provide benefits (well free food), it kind of does change your perception of them (well slightly anyway). Like the lecture today, super healthy organic juices in glass bottles, different types of pastries, cakes, fruit platters with heaps of variety, you don't perceive them as 'cheap' with the extra stuff they provide haha.

Nice catching up with the G8s today, yay for finding a night where most of us were free! Finally seen Better after a year! (Even though she's been back a month now). Pizza and pasta = more carbs, but finally tried that place out, after missing out on a uni outing earlier this year...

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake!

Thanks Happy Apple, what a pleasant surprise (: (Food posts to come haha, if I get my assignments done in time...)

New York Passionfruit Cheesecake
Zumbarons-$2.80 each

They've gone smaller in size since they used to fit the box tightly and it was a struggle to get them out...The yuzu one is quite refreshing. Cheesecake one I've had before, more this time not as much passionfruit flavour. They kind of died at the end of the night since i got them before our 9am start...

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  1. Thank you for bringing along the macarons for me to sample! I really enjoyed them and the night with you!