Wednesday, August 3, 2016

first time catching public transport to Stewart House was not fun. missed a bus, then the half hourly bus came 15min late, so ended up being late to clinic (luckily supervisor isn't as strict as normal primary care clinic).

ended up going to Lid n Jar for a coffee. too bad they only have lunch/dinner not breakfast. that place is actually on my list to eat...
regular capp-$3.80

It's Chatswood, so pricier than my normal $3.50. Love this kind of funky swan though. It was a bit hot initially, but after a min it was a good temp. Loved the super smooth foam on top.

always cloudy or rainy when I come to Curl Curl Beach

Caught a ferry today-haven't caught one in so long! I've been on heaps of cruises, but why not just catch ferries on the Sydney Harbour. More expensive than buses, but heaps cheaper than cruises. They even have free wifi. Swayed so much today, but I think if it was sunny, I would've liked to have sat on the 2nd level for the views.

Headed back to uni to be greeted with pouring rain. Was only sprinkling up north in the morning. First August I remember having so much rain.

Wk 2 and one subject still hasn't given us a course outline...

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  1. I found that most coffees cost around $3.80 at Rouse Hill :( $3.50 is pretty good! :)