Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Lobby Lounge Take 4 ft. Anna's Mess

The pop up has finished, but I think Anna's Mess is still available from the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La hotel. This is another place I frequently visit because of the desserts she makes. I actually had Anna's Mess earlier last year, before it rose to fame this year on MasterChef as a pressure test. This time I opted for the large one to share with friends (although it's actually not that large, and the small one is tiny). Last year was the Carrot Cake also featured on MC, and made everyone flock to this side of Sydney.
Anna's Mess (large)-$39.90

the waitress 'smashed' it with a spoon and fork, we could've done that ourselves. 

Even through they placed paper on the table, they didn't drop it down like on TV which really was anti-climatic. She didn't even tell us she was going to destroy it for us, and just went into it straight away. She just used a plan to squish it. What's worse was that plate and cutlery had heaps of the cake/cream on it, and she took it away from us immediately, didn't even have the chance to ask for her to leave it. Please, we're poor uni students, and want out money's worth. That stuff on the plate which she chucked/took away from us was probs worth a few dollars.

plate she took away in the background

The cake was just as good as I remembered. White choc is normally very sweet, and luckily this one wasn't. The raspberry curd dome, strawberry coulis, raspberry financier sponge, cara crunch, mascarpone and vanilla mousse inside all balanced perfectly. Loved the different textures as well. I didn't find any meringue kisses though, probably stuck on that mousse on that plate taken away, and no micro basil leaves like the one on MC. They did give you popping rocks (which wasn't there last year), making the dish fun to eat. Also first time eating off a mirror. Dessert was good, service wasn't that great for a place like this. Please ask before you do anything to our dessert next time.

pop up

earlier last year

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  1. Haha trust Elisa - getting things before they're cool! Such a beautiful piece.