Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rustic Pearl

this post is long overdue. been wanting to go here for a while now and went at the beginning of this semester.

even though many people have said it's one of their favourite cafes, tbh, I personally thought this place is overhyped. maybe it was just the chef on the day, but it isn't one of my favourite to-go cafes. food and service was good. it is a small cafe, and there aren't many seats, but we went earlier before the lunch crowds and could choose the nice seat beside the window :)

Turkish Apple Iced Tea-$7

the tea was refreshing on a warm autumn day, but I would have preferred it to be slightly sweeter fruitier. not enough apple flavour. loved the use of a metal straw. the tea I had in HK at a particular cafe with Dandelion and Connie was oh so fruity and super delicious, and that one in HK is so far one of my favourite iced teas.

Bosphorus Benedict: eggs on toast, Bay lobster, homemade hollandaise, fresh coriander and chilli-$25

loved the addition of lobster with the eggs benedict as it took it to another level even though it is slightly pricier. would have liked it if there was an extra piece...i actually can't eat chilli, but this chilli was actually quite nice as it brought some spice to the dish. the main downside was that it was super hard to cut into. we had to literally hack into the piece of toast. Turkish bread crust is generally harder than your average crust, and combined with some of the sauce and runny yolk soaking through, it was a workout cutting into the toast, whilst trying the balance that precious lobster on top and prevent it from flying across the table

sautéed mixed wild mushrooms bruschetta with herbed cheese, agresto and organic soft boiled egg-$16

the standout was definitely the agresto sauce which is similar to pesto, but more herby and complemented to mushrooms really well. mushrooms were soft and not too heavily seasoned. the crust was a tad harder to cut, but definitely not as difficult as the eggs benedict. 

I was expecting a lot more from Rustic Pearl, but unfortunately I was slightly disappointed. they offered nice food, but wasn't as amazing as others said it was.

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  1. Even if the taste wasn't up to standard, the presentation is stunning!

  2. Oh I really need to check this place out, it looks good!


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