Friday, March 20, 2015

Reuben Hills Take 2

i normally don't like to "repeat" places and love to use the hard earned money to try new places, but there are some exceptions, and so far they have been The Grounds, Devon Cafe and now Reuben Hills. it's been a while since my last experience. i actually didn't have the coffee last time, so have been wanting to come again for the coffee.

was lovely catching up with other high school friends who i probably only see about once or twice a year, since we're all busy and doing completely different things. surprisingly, the first time I went here was also with this group.

we were a group of 6, and they helped us out by combining 2 tables together, so we didn't have to sit on the communal table. food came out quickly-in less than 15mins for all our dishes.

regular capp-$4, slushie: frozen milk, coffee, pandan and chocolate-$6

i love reuben hills coffee blend, wherever they sourced it from. even though i haven't had their coffee here, other places such as KIN by us. do use their coffee beans. the coffee was a good drinking temperature and lovely aroma, but it wasn't filtered probably and at the bottom were still some grounded coffee. i tried a bit of the slushie, which is frozen milk with some coffee and flavouring. it wasn't a typical slushie flavour, but more like iced coffee without it being too sweet and the pandan was quite subtle. it's a bit small for the size, but super cute and definitely something different.

broken omelette roll w/ fried shrimp and bacon jam-$14

i have been eating out was too much these past week, so i opted for something cheaper. when it came out it looked small, but this was actually quite filling. why did i go for a burger/roll after coming back from America not too long ago? because of the bacon jam-which was on point. normally i don't like jam, and even on those rare days where i have jam on pancakes at home, i only eat the French branded jam, but i can have bacon jam all day everyday. it was sweet without being sickly sweet like maple bacon, and little bits of bacon which balanced the sweetness. there were bits and pieces of fried shrimp, rocket was fresh, and egg was seasoned (probably a tad too much salt for my liking), and their mayo was also delicious.

tried a bit of the Mezeal Cured Salmon Tostadas, the colours were so fresh and vibrant! and extra points for using edible flavours. even after one bite, i could take the spiciness from the mayo, but my spicy tolerance is probably chilli Kettle i don't think i would even be able to finish even a quarter of the dish...

mid sems already coming up next week, so I should try to stop eating out so much, but with all my lectures starting late, it feels more productive meeting up with friends over food than sleeping in...

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