Thursday, March 26, 2015

first mid sem for this year today, and i know i could have done better ): it all makes sense when you read it, and it feels like common sense, but got stumped when putting the words on paper.

going to be $3.5k poorer again, and it's not even due to food/travels/shopping. they increased the prices around $600 compared to last years. i mean for every $1000AU, the aussie dollar has dropped from around 950 to now getting back $750US, so around $200 drop, but that doesn't mean an increase of $600. should have bought it last year...such a poor uni student.

my mid sem break is going to be even busier than a week of uni. even though travelling to uni takes up a whole day, working the whole day means i can't even have a look at my notes...

so many group assignments this semester...

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