Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Asadal and Gelato Messina

lovely having half of the high school group together for lunch today-even if it wasn't very long (:

this was from a while ago, but it was that very rare night where all 8 of us were free. don't think there will be another night until maybe end of next year, with people going on exchange...

Asadal is a mix of Japanese and Korean at Parra. it's a bit away from the main street, and had to keep walking further down the street. it's average food and price (but don't remember them..,) and very limited side dishes ):

eel and vegetarian sushi

could be fresher, but i guess this isn't a place you would go just for sushi

Korean pancake, Chicken Kaarage

the Korean pancake was on the small side unfortunately. the chicken karaage was decent.

Beef Bimbibap

veggies and Bulgogi underneath

messina! 500ml tubs: pavlova, tiramisu, italian nougat, and also lychee and coconut, blood orange, pandan and coconut-$10 each

wow, can't believe i remembered those flavours. the pavlova was definitely the sweetest (that was my pick) but i still loved the meringue bits. blood orange definitely helped to cut down on the creaminess on the other flavours. 

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