Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MacBook and Apple Watch

wow, apple is once again amazing!

how can a laptop get even thinner than the macbook air? the new macbook is so beautifully thin and light. seeing it in different colours is weird. the battery last around 9 hours compared to normal 12 hours on an air which is a bit shorter, but the new macbook comes with retina and a lot faster. it's 12 inch as well, so another different sized thing to add to their line up. really keen on trying out the new track pad as well which can detect different forces, and just to touch a macbook...the charger port is so tiny, and there's only one, so if you wanted to connect a usb, then you'd have to get an adapter...but nowadays, there are so many choices with online storage, you don't need a usb. it's pricey at $1.8k, but you're paying for the beauty and functionality of it

the new iWatch is actually really cool (after watching the video of the functions). the straps for the higher end ones are so elegant. i think the actual watch face would be a bit chunky and big on me since i have a small wrist. quite a few functions actually require other people to have a watch as well...but i think the exercise things are quite cute-reminding you to stand up and get moving. watches start from around $500, which i think is on the higher side of watches in the "normal" range (i.e. not luxury brands)

still waiting for the non-existent iPad air 3 and iPhone 6s to see what new feature there would be.

if/when i go to the west coast of America, i really want to see their original Cupertino store in San Fran, even though they don't actually sell all their gadgets there...

i think all those who have gotten MacBooks in the past few years since we started uni, everyone has loved it and have no regrets

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