Friday, March 13, 2015

another food run

met up with Shirley and Tracy last Wednesday whom I haven't see for ages. some "cheap" eats, but good catch up time.
mamak avocado smoothie

earlier at uni, mamak were giving out free avo shakes. believe it or not, this was my first time having one, and i was expecting a super rich and creamy avocado flavour, luckily it wasn't too creamy. i love my avocado, but the thought of making it super rich and creamy makes it feel a bit to fattening. this one was a bit sweet, so you can taste a little bit of the ice cream in it. 

honey butter bread-$8.90

second time having this in a week. this one didn't taste as cinnamon. the free wifi is now limited to an hour

red bean bingsu-$18

made our way to Central Park just for this at TNS Coffee Project. can't believe they had to call the manager to give us 20% off. quite ridiculous imo. just give us the discount, it's only around $4 cheaper. feel like i', getting ripped paying $18 for ice, but it's the novelly of eating it i guess. too much candy in this one, and hard to incorporate the toppings with the ice which was quite thick

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  1. I tried the avocado shake at Holy Basil. It was quite nice and mild, but I think it was hard for me to make a proper judgment of the flavour because of all the rest of the food and the deep fried ice cream that we had.


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