Wednesday, March 11, 2015

think i'm going to drop my gen ed for this sem, and hello summer holidays filled with more uni.

but 2nd week and i'm already falling behind.

diseases is crazy. so content heavy. 5 hours of just lectures a week filled with content and disgusting pictures. seeing videos of bugs in eyelids, and people pulling at it, skin conditions etc and this is only the first week of diseases since it started in wk 2. people were making gagging sounds in the lecture. even the lecturer says the course is hard. usually other lecturers say their course is hard, but if you put effort into it then you can do well. but nope, for diseases it's hard, and he said if you put effort into it, it's still hard D=

the other day learning about 4th and 5th dimensions, and proving some other time dimensions. is this even optom?

our main optom lecturer decided to go on strike today, and expects us to learn it ourselves. it's not one of those memorising subjects like diseases, but more of a concept/understanding one. why couldn't she just teach us for that 1 hour?

lightning was a bit cray this evening.

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  1. I remember in first year we all turned up for an 8:00am lecture and our lecturer didn't turn up because of the strike :(