Saturday, March 14, 2015

a few days ago, i was so pumped to go to our optom cruise this year because it was Disney (and animations) themed! Disney! <3

but went to talk to our new manager today and what luck i have...turns out the other colleague is on holidays, so i will most likely have to work thursday night unless he finds someone else, which sucks so much. why can't he work thursday night and i work during the day? obviously i didn't push it too much and question him and ask why he can't work that night. i mean the following week, he goes on holidays and the other person isn't back yet, so i probably have to skip and hour or two of uni to work that thursday night.

please just give me that thursday off. now i'm never going to tell him the actual dates of my holidays in case important stuff comes up. normally i wouldn't mind missing the cruise, but i'm kind of helping out with it, and argh, it's so disappointing if i already paid and can't go.

also asked before that if i could do half day on saturday for the week before that, but nope, have to work, which mean missing out on a 21st. why can't i do a half day? i'm sure the other person can survive a few hours by themselves. hate missing out on parties

so fyi, if you guys ever plan on having a party during the middle of the day, 99% chance i won't be able to come.

so now, this makes taking time off for holidays 1000% harder. if i can't take time off for 4 hours, how am i allowed to not work for 4 weeks plus a few weeks for summer school? 90% chance he will fire me. goodbye travels...

whilst swimming today, i was thinking of my "ultimate" plan. after my 5th year, it would be the last christmas where i won't need to work since all optoms are required to work during the christmas period, so i am dreaming of going on 3 months holidays overseas then (if i find a job, or else i would probs have to use that 3 month to get a job after i graduate).

don't get me wrong, i do like my current job, it's just that the previous manager was so lenient and simple: work every saturday. now it's all over the place and can't take time off.


looking at what we have to read for our readings and dying. they just tell us that everything in the readings is tested even if not taught in lectures. so basically we have to memorise the textbook, plus over 10 papers, averaging 20pages for each paper. and this is for one course only. how to memorise everything from the lecture, let alone the readings?

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