Thursday, April 2, 2015

i was thinking this past week how as you get older, you won't receive those easter eggs just for fun. but then yesterday at Plus, we had an easter egg hunt around church, where you find eggs and depending on what colour you got and how many, they were used to complete other challenges/games. actually have heaps of chocolate at home, like stuff we bought from New Zealand last year has yet to be eaten. and i'm still not supposed to eat chocolate...

thanks for visiting Happy Apple! even though i only saw you super briefly. the cookies were really good! and those chocolates/lollies helped us get through the afternoon lectures.

then at work, the manager left me an easter bunny (which was Cadbury and not those unbranded lollies they usually give). first time working a thursday night during semester. even though i'm only doing 3 subjects, i have a feeling my wam is going to plunge down like it did last year first sem where i literally scraped screwed for mid sems, i have literally no time to study before my mid sems and during the break, unless i wake up before 7am to squeeze in two hours before heading off to work...did not realise how understaffed we how did they survive beforehand when i was just working once a week? really wanted to say no i couldn't do both weekends before most of my mid's weird, the previous manager didn't want me to work a lot, but this manager wants me to skip some uni and work ): no time to study ):

i feel like this year's april fools jokes on social media are becoming more and more creative and sound more realistic lol.

also, at the end of march, Zumbo's macarons finally increased in price to $2.80. at the beginning of march when i walked past, they were still $2.50. probably used all the easter chocolate specials to cover up the increase n price. but i have to say, his macarons have been that price for the past 8 years, so it took a while for inflation to affect it...

every year Easter is so commercialised. behind all these chocolate and hot cross buns, the real meaning of Easter is the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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  1. Always welcome!! It's so great seeing you! Thanks for your kindness in coming to see me!