Friday, March 13, 2015

Cremeria De Luca-Pop Up

first time having a proper gelato burger without having to trek to Five Dock last Friday! thanks for coming out to The Strand. i've never had one of those Messina creations before where they have "ice cream bread," but i was definitely more keen for this. been eating out way too much, but i'm telling myself that once uni gets busy, i won't have the luxury of going places to eat.

gelato burger: rosewater and pistachio gelato, panna (whipped cream), nutella, brioche bun-$10.50

i decided to go all out and get everything. surprisingly it wasn't messy to eat, just the icing sugar went everywhere. luckily it wasn't the really sticky type of icing sugar. this gelato didn't melt that fast luckily. the rosewater was a nice flavour, not too overpowering or sweet. the pistachio was more on the sweeter side, and would have preferred a nuttier flavour. apparently those 2 flavours are the most popular. also tried the cinnamon flavour where you did get a good cinnamon kick, but it was also pretty sweet. haven't had nutella in ages, so decided to get it even though it was an extra $1. it's pretty cool how it freezes up when the gelato is put on top. the cream wasn't too creamy, but more on the sweet side. halfway through this burger and i was already super full, so didn't have room to try their granites. the person serving me was super nice as well, took away my rubbish-brownie points!

met up with Shirley and Tracy for round 2 of bingsu.

green tea bingsu-$15

went to the outdoor cafe between the station/shops-Strathfield Square Cafe. the ice was a lot finer in this one, so melted really quickly. would have preferred to have more green tea flavour. loved the mochi and pearl toppings. i do like my ice cream, but thought there was too much ice cream in proportion with the ice.

original belgium waffle-$3.80

the waffle is a bit on the small size, but then again everything these days is small. it's got a slightly sticky texture when you initially bit into it but would have liked more 'crunch' with it. it's not as buttery and sweet as I imagined. it was nice, but I do prefer my belgium waffles without toppings to be more buttery (despite being super unhealthy)

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  1. Gelato burger? I know they sell ice cream sandwiches in Singapore but gelato burgers must be the gourmet version, haha! I wonder what the bread was like.

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