Monday, March 2, 2015

Third Year

once again, i am grateful to have made it to another year and another semester. can't believe we're already in third year.

bro started uni today and was like "never going to catch the same bus as you," turns out he ended up catching the same bus as me.

having another mini dilemma-not sure whether to do my 2nd gen ed subject during this sem. the one i found is from the law faculty and is fully run online, but there are over 20 pages of reading each week, online discussion and over 1/2 hour videos plus weekly quizzes. over 3 hours needed, and i just don't know what to write. even though the finals are online and open book, i'm not sure if i can structure my answers properly. science assignments are similar to med assignments, but i probs can't use the same type of "feel" in a law essay...the subject is interesting, but i have a feeling i won't be able to do good in it, which is a problem...

definitely don't want to do my gen ed during 4th year, so another option is to do it during summer, but i want to work/go on holidays during the summer which you obviously can't do during uni.

and it's vital to pass 3rd year. so it's ideal to only do 3 subjects this sem. what's worse is that originally one of our subjects didn't need you to pass the final to pass the course. last year, everyone put in their CATEI that was a positive that the finals wasn't a hurdle. now they've changed it for our year to make it a hurdle since everyone was studying for the other optom exam. screw you previous 3rd years, just made our exam a lot harder. apparently for that subject last year, only 3 people turned up to the last lecture, which means the optom exam and contents is going to be super hard. so not sure if i should just stick with 3 subjects for now, the do something during summer, but miss out on holidays ):

decisions, decisions.

spontaneously went to tom n toms today. finally had their toast
garlic with cheese and honey butter bread $8.80 each 

i normally don't eat whipped cream, but this tasted pretty good, and loved the cinnamon in it. the garlic one was nice but i like the honey one better, not overly sweet and still yum. i do prefer taiwanese style honey toast though...

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  1. Whipped cream is fun! Especially since you don't have it often :) Congratulations on making it so far!