Monday, March 9, 2015

Wild Pear Cafe

making the most of my rare Saturday with no work since I got back from overseas, so it was a spontaneous decision to have lunch at Wild Pear Cafe, a place relatively close to home which I have been wanting to go for a long time. 

expected it was busy, especially on the weekend. we got there around 1.30pm hoping the crowds would start to die out, but nope, still had to wait for over 20min for a table. mainly tables for 2 moved the quickest. the bad thing about waiting here compared to the grounds/the boat shed is that they don't page you and there's nothing to look at/do apart from standing and waiting. we got seated at an 'extra' table, so not a nice wooden table and no view if you're sitting on the balcony, but my cousin had work so we had to get seated and eat ASAP. food took a while to come out as well, since their kitchen isn't very big for the size of the cafe. took about 20mins, but apparently the other tables before us had to wait an hour since it was that busy, and hard to get the waiters attention.

the food is pricey for a cafe, but it's dural where people have farms and mansions with 10+ bedrooms and drive fast cars. the food was delicious though!

steak panini (bottom): caramelised onion, chilli jam, aioli, baby leaves and steak house chips-$22.90

since my cousin was in a rush to eat, there wasn't any time to take proper photos. the good thing about wild pear cafe is that it feels 'healthier' than other places. the steak was very lean, and even though the chips should've been deep fried a little bit longer to be more golden, they were a lot less oily when you hold it, and less of that oil feel on your mouth. i do prefer the more oily, and twice deep fried golden chips through...

pan fried gnocchi: chorizo, king prawns, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, basil and tomato sumo-$24.90

when you compared the price of this dish to a restaurant, it's about the same price. this dish was by far everyone's favourite. heaps of sauce under there which we dipped the chips into. the gnocchi was fluffily and parmesan cheese was nicely shaved to give it more flavour. prawns were fresh as well (:

smoked salmon stack: avocado, ricotta, capers, cucumber, aioli, and rocket on wood fired bread-$21.90

a simple but nicely balanced dish. the smoked salmon wasn't too overpowering, and loved the creaminess with the ricotta and super fresh avo.


quite small for the price. unfortunately they forgot the order for this and it wasn't filtered properly. they don't do their pear sundaes anymore since they have a new dessert menu which is $12 for a plate. also, pears are in winter, so there was only one pear dessert i think. didn't get desserts, although the persian fairy floss looked amazing. they also do high tea, mainly consisted of small portions of cakes from their dessert menu. it looked nice, but it was filled with a lot of cake, so would probably be a bit too heavy and sweet.

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