Sunday, March 22, 2015

they finally sell Disney exclusive Pandora charms outside of DisneyWorld! too bad it's only on the US website. knowing Australia, i bet i'll probably go to America before they even start selling them here, chances are they probably will limit the exclusiveness to America only. when they first launched last year in November, they were sold out in all theme parks and Downtown Disney shops everywhere. on the last day, i manage to buy one, kind of regret not buying more, but i tell myself one is enough for now (: the Disney World website has listed them sold out online since it ever launched. but now the pandora website has finally released it to the public ie. those who haven't been to DisneyWorld. the Disney collection charms are all so beautiful. if i had access to it and the money, i would love to get a whole Pandora bracelet with Disney.

the other day before going to a birthday dinner, we experienced raining glass. it was actually quite a shock. we were looking at sunnies and the lady closed the glass display door and it suddenly exploded-glass flying everywhere. the glass was scattered around me but didn't hit me apart from a tiny shard. my friend got a piece cut into her head, luckily it wasn't too deep and didn't get hit in the eyes. how does a small glass door explode? no idea. luckily i only have sliding glass doors at work on display, and we put the crap sunnies inside so we don't have to bother getting the key out and moving the glass. but it was pretty scary having glass raining everywhere...

ahh, still kind of freaking out what to do when i can't work that Thursday night even when my manager says i have to. i really do need to help with the uni event ):

mid sems coming up already. doing 3 subjects still feels like i'm doing 4. stupid group work where no one responds...still behind on notes and everything ):

last week i've actually averaged one or 2 hours of class each day, which sounds good but pretty hopeless since it takes 3-4 hours to and from uni. and since all my classes start late and i sleep in the morning, it's a whole day wasted. also, some classes were cancelled, which means learning/catching up in your own time hence not many contact hours last week.

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  1. So scary! Really glad that you were safe and that no one was seriously injured!