Friday, May 18, 2012

Strike and School Night Italian Dinner

after 12.5 years of schooling, i still don't get the point of strikes/half strikes, even though teachers have explained it to me. but it was really refreshing sleeping in 1.5 hours, which was much needed since yesterday i felt dead-ish all day.

i only had maths. (well a free and also .5 period of jap which we played this logo game on an itouch while teacher was talking to someone..)

then dinner out again. i've spent around 7 hours this week having dinner out. i feeeellll so fat. ): but the food was nice. twas so busy. that restaurant is like my "family non-asian restaurant"

i had this for the first time though:

it's really nice. i thought it would be not as flavoury like apple cider, but its not too sweet/bitter. it's an italian drink made in aus (:
and it was my first time having dessert there. (never had dessert apart form icecream at that restaurant before...)
we ordered garlic bread but it never came, so they had to minus it form the total cost (and then the boss was like, "where is she" ooft, someone is going to have a mini-lecture)

soo much good food. so many leftovers of good food as well (:

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