Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food when relatives come


had yum cha today, and there was a huge traffic jam and we had to wait 30mins before going in ): like, it was only a normal place (as in not in city), must be because of mother's day...

yesterday i had: mud crab, lamb cutlets, scotch fillet steak, oyster, baked chicken, buffalo chicken and other stuff. i feel so fat right now.
every dinner so far is gooooood (:

four relatives already left this morning. didn't even say bye...they only stayed for 4.5 nights...

and my uncle just told us about how for $80 US last year in like june/july, he and other people went on a 4day 3night tour to america and its popular places with everything included. how cheappppp! it's like the beijing cheapness as well....

rahhh, how to cut stuff down?

i kind of wanted to go to the fashion weekend.
BUT, this morning, i was forced by my aunt to look at clothes, and she just went on explaining how to wear each piece and what it should go with much as i love clothes, i really don't need an explanation, so my mum had to interfere to let me go back to do work....
will look at the massive stack sometime...some are kind of fobby, so i'll just give those to my mum...

google mother's day is so cute (:

happy mother's day mum!
i think i've explained this before, but i don't get my parents anything, since its their money so they're technically buying themselves a i give them my love (:

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