Thursday, May 3, 2012


they finally came today. yayayayayay. ((((((((((:
i actually like the green (: and there were no mis prints (which was really the most scary thing i thought could happen)
except, the collar is weird, and there should have been more yellow (i feel ripped off for having more black, since colours are more expensive)  i guess simple is nice too (: and i think it's thinner than last year, and more tighter down the bottom than i would have liked, as in the cuffs around our wrist should be at the bottom of it (i think)

so much english change. ext 1 ):
also, eng adv new announcement...i screwed up mod a ): my mark would have been better with only just reading task...
it's kind of cute of eng has ranks on little cards...i can/will/hope (to) improve! (positive thinking from today's talk) some was kind of repetitive, but i guess it's good to hear stuff from psychologists...

i can't believe my uncle is going to lady gaga AGAIN tonight. he went into the "monster pit" yday, no he's going to sit back and enjoy the show tonight. maybe i can persuade him to come back to aus in june (even though he came in april and will come this again this week). i could say aus will yet again have different stages and people around etc, except i have a hsc to do, i think going to concerts should be the last thing on my mind...

mentally thinking/planning my meals for four days next week (kind of like camping when we thought about what we should eat....)

i kind of feel sorry for rachel when she stuffed up her NYADA audition. i think it might feel like that when we don't get the marks we want sometimes, so i could relate to GLEE tonight (except for the part when they say songs about geography-lol)

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