Monday, May 21, 2012

another free boost today (:

my heart kind of skipped a beat yesterday when i checked fb while waiting for train...for once it was legit...
if i didn't have a hsc this year, i would drive my brother to all the boosts i know: towers, hornsby, parra, chats, rouse hill (still haven't been there yet) and others, then i can stock up =D jks, i think it would go off, but you get the point

DO NOT BUY THE CHOCOLATE ONE. first time having it and glad it was free, since it was quite gross. it's like chocolate flavoured gummy/jelly lollies and worse then the choc jelly belly flavour. ok, it wasn't that bad, but my least favourite one.

i've had 3 boosts this year. i think i have had most of the varieties now...

i hate groupwork, especially if you have no choice but to work with someone who does things last minute, and you can't do individual because the teachers don't like/recommend it ):

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