Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food from teachers

first time using the study room microwave!
i really should use them more to my advantage.

yesterday, we got a cheese toasted sandwich in Jap because we said we were hungry and it was cold. that was like a period gone, i'm pretty sure i know why i'm failing jap....
today i got two lollipops in ext 1 to keeps us going through the double/day.

yayayay! free food from teachers! totes not awks...i'm on a roll guys!
i kind of missed those days back at girra where we helped pack away teacher's friday morning tea. i susally got picked, which meant freeeee fooooood!!!! from teachers...

can't believe that in top 50, people are already going to places. in season 3 it was like top 24, season 2 top 12, and season 1 top 8 (where they went hk, to this yum cha place i went to, except i have to go back there again since they ran out of their hand made bbq pork bus when i went last time. i'm still sad. i actually don't really like those buns, but they appeared in masterchef 4 years ago, and i do intend to have them in the future)
oh, and i found my list of places to eat again! yay.
and, i believe, this season has been the most multicultural season. like compared with season 1, there was like only 3 non-white people...

hoping i don't get lost tomorrow.

so veggie deprived. tis what happens when there are no parents for 3 days and you ceebs to go out just to buy some veggies. i have fruit, at least....

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