Saturday, May 19, 2012

last dinner with relative tonight. food was really good. yay for my aunt who can cook lamb masterchef style. my mum sometimes overcooks it, since my brother hates eating meat which is pink-but it's supposed to be pink! (aren't you guys proud of mez? i haven't watched a FULL episode of masterchef yet this year...)

cousins came over, so more people was in da house.

and, i am quite sure my aunt gave me enough clothes to last a year. but no time to go through it so i will wear old clothes.

going to hk, and we still haven't bought tickets yet! last time i remember we got cheapcheap tickets before end of may. i guess it's harder to this year, since i don't know when is the best time to go and come back. i also want to buy clothes in hk, so i am going to have heaps of clothes which won't fit in my wardrobe, maybe it's to to get rid of old clothes...

dessert pizza is always nice, especially people who take time to make homemade ones.

oh wow, hectic last minute ext 1 travel plans. too loong to explain here. but i will be catching approx 4 trains.

)))): i hate when different textbooks have different things ):
oh, i thought i got the hang of motion in terms of x, but once you look at different sources, then it's :S

i feel really screwed.
must get twice the amount of work when rels leave tomorrow.

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