Monday, May 14, 2012

Korean Dinner on a School Night with the Fam.

well, it's a first going out for dinner eating korean food.

bro didn't go cause he has "exams" tomorrow, as in he has yr 11 geo, except he's still on fb and 9gag and etcetc...

sooooo spicy. and apparently it was hardly spicy to my uncle/cousin.
out of house food is not helping my face.

i feel really fat
i got my retainers today. they don't look very appealing to wear ))): the thing which will motivate me to wear them is this:
when i have them one=i won't be able to eat= i am too lazy to take them off every time i eat something= i will eat less= hopefully loose some weight...
i have a feeling that one of my teeth moved. the retainers look like perfect teeth, except on of my teeth doesn't feel perfect. how can one tooth move in 4 days...maybe i'm just feeling it wrong (hopefully that didn't sound wrong...)

so much to do D=

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