Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Early Mother's Day Dinner

17 people all together eating dinner. so hectic. but foood was sahhhhhhhh gooood.

like my mum's friend can really really nicely cook lamb cutlets.

one of my manymanymanymany cousins (still haven't seen all my cousin yet...)

they went blue mountains today, and she got this face paint. it's realllly well done, like there's glitter and stuff. 
she's really smart. first time i heard this, it's kind of hard to translate from chinese but it was like: use should eat more of the sour cherries (below) since you would have more good grandchildren. actually in canto, it sounds like this: "mama, se dao di 'soon' che le ji, nei hui yao dao di gwai 'soon'" and she can translate all the canto words i don't know into english (i actually can't translate all my english words in canto) and she knows like the same level mando as me =/

they also went to costco (so i missed out) and bought a massive cake, and tons of food. tis massive-2.4kg. afternoon tea for the rest of the week

so much left overs from today. they're still here.

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  1. I can't get over your teeth- they're so nice! Now you're even prettier :)