Tuesday, May 15, 2012


i think i cherish eating time more now.

they are sooooo annoying. i cannot talk properly ))))): and have to take them on and off to eat, so now when i eat, i eat a lot so i don't have to take my thing on and off so much. it''s quite sad. and it kind of scratches the back of my tongue...can't clamp my teeth properly, since the material is kind of thick...

so when i eat, i can actually talk properly.
and it feels really unhygienic wearing them the 24/7.

wow, so much controversy this year for chem prac. maybe it's cause there's around 30 more people doing chem this year...
i also can't believe the school's so rich...

in hindsight, if last years prac wasn't a test/time constricting, it would have been fun.

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  1. I know! Our school seems ridiculously well off, and I can't tell if it's because they try to make us pay a p and c AND building fund, or because the government funds us mroe because we're special or something.